Daily Surge 6-5-21

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Today, Striker Radio w Steve Pauwels …

How Leftists sabotage their own supposed agenda … Outspoken pro-choice teen shows pro-lifers how to get it done … Famous scientist makes some cheer — and then boo … Memorial Day outrage …

Tune in! Find out the details! Jump on over to: redstatetalkradio.com
Saturdays: 2 PM (Justice Live Stream), 4 PM (Liberty Live Stream)Sundays: 1 AM, 2 PM (Justice Live Stream), 4 PM (Liberty Live Stream)On page, click on the appropriate “player”(All times Easter Standard Time)


— From FL to MI to CA … Good News for Common Sense, Constitutionalism, Election Integrity

— Sowing, Reaping: China’s Fertility Point of No Return

— America’s Institutions: Hard at Work Teaching American Kids to Hate Their Country


One of the week’s most popular …

— Actresses Traumatized by Nude Scenes: Both Hollywood Victims and Perpetrators

— What’s Led to Mess in America Right Now? There Is an Answer — for those Willing to Hear It

— Tim Tebow? NFL? White Privilege? Yup, the Emphasis On Race Is Tearing America Apart

— Socialism Will Take America Back to Horse and Buggy Days—or Worse

— Biden Sets Record: Budget Exceeds WW2 Debt – While Snubbing Defense Spending

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